Wiper Blades - Replacement and Maintenance

The safety of you and your passengers depends on maintaining proper visibility at all times. Let's face it, you can't avoid danger on the road if you don't see it coming. Research shows that some drivers wait up to three years, or until they can't see through the windshield, before they replace or change their wiper blades. This hazardous practice can put your family in peril if you get caught unprepared in a sudden downpour.

Wet pavements also increases braking distance, giving you less time to react to danger on the road. A clear windshield is imperative in these conditions. The sooner you see the hazard, the more time you have to react, stop and avoid an accident. Play it safe. Be ready for any weather, any time with proper wiper blade maintenance.

Recommended Wiper Blade Maintenance

To ensure safety and optimum visibility throughout the year, note these helpful maintenance tips.

Rain or Shine, Weather Affects Wiper Blades

Everyone knows that winter weather is tough on wiper blades, leading to a need for you to replace your wiper blades. However, surprising to most, sunny weather causes wiper blades to deteriorate too. Heat and infrequent use can cause wiper blades to crack and become brittle. Even road chemicals, airborne pollutants and ozone can cause deterioration. So, whether you live where the snow falls, or in a desert state, be sure to regularly inspect your wipers, and replace your wiper blades where necessary.

Don't Forget the Rear Wiper!

Rear wipers can deteriorate just as quickly as front wipers and just as important in being able to see the road clearly. If your vehicle is equipped with a rear wiper blade, be sure to replace it regularly along with your front wiper blades.