Autorama's Lights Advice

You should regularly check all your lights and bulbs. As sometimes they can fail in combinations, it's best to ask someone to look at the front and rear while you test them. Check your brake lights and indicators with the headlights on and off, as sometimes a bad earth can cause a fault if both lights are on together.

Lights: The Dangers

Sometimes you may be dazzled by oncoming vehicles at night that appear to be on main beam. Often they are not, it's just the alignment that's incorrect. Make sure yours are adjusted correctly. Dazzling can cause accidents and your vehicle will fail an MOT test if the lights are aimed too high.

Few people realise how important it is to carry spare bulbs, until one fails in the middle of a long journey. Fewer still realise that it is compulsory in many countries in Europe to carry a complete emergency bulb kit. These are easily bought, stowed in the car and replaced - a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Autorama Hint

Consult the handbook if you are having problems. If the light or lights still do not work after the bulb has been replaced, there may be a fuse fault. Look in the fuse box and find the appropriate fuse; replace if necessary.