The Importance of Servicing your Car

Autorama is a Peterborough-based independent garage that can service and maintain your car, including new vehicles under warranty without affecting manufacturers’ warranties given on vehicles.

Whatever make or model of the vehicle you drive, at Autorama here in Peterborough we can service your car as per the manufacturer recommendations.

Multipoint fuel injection, single point fuel injection, turbo chargers, it doesn’t matter what engine type you have. We are equipped to service the most complex fuel injection systems.

At Autorama Peterborough, we think there are 7 solid sound reasons for regularly servicing your car but above all of these is the urgent need to find problems before they become a disaster.

  1. Reduced cost of repairs over the life of the vehicle
  2. Reducing unforeseen and possible breakdown risks
  3. Reduced vehicle time off the road
  4. Less inconvenience and less unforeseen expense
  5. Less likelihood of car accidents
  6. The possibility of greater fuel economy
  7. The possibility of increased product life

e.g. tyres last longer, brake discs do not become scored and in need of replacement.

So, What Can Autorama Peterborough Service On Your Car?

At Autorama Peterborough, we service the following:

Autorama's Car Servicing Code of Practice means...